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The 5 Most Common Retargeting Mistakes
The Retargeting technology is pretty straight-forward and everybody sees the big benefits in increasing the number of returned visitors to the website. The more the visitor is exposed to your brand and offer the more likely he will take action and hand over the money. However, simple mistakes can g...
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Retargeting Ads: The Ugly Truth That They Won't Tell You
Today I want to reveal the other side of the coin, that is costing businesses money, when they run Retargeting ads and most likely they don’t even know that. Retargeting service providers need access to as much advertising space as possible to make sure that your ad gets the maximum exposure. To a...
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Retargeting Done Right: How To Avoid Over Marketing
Last week the Tesco’s mobile experience director Luke Vinogradov said: “Ad retargeters do brands a disservice every time they bug me about something I already own“. Also he added that if you over market to customers they pull back. Yes, he is right. Over marketing a product or service that t...
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